Philadelphia 76ers GM Shuts Down Ben Simmons Trade Rumors

Turns out Ben Simmons' sister is not an NBA insider after all. Just as we expected last night when the tweet dropped, there's nothing to see here. 

ICYMI - Ben Simmons sister sent out a Tweet that sent NBA Twitter into an absolute frenzy:

Tuesday morning, 76ers GM was asked on a local radio show about the rumors and had this to say about moving either of his two superstars:

Morey, who was brought in from the Houston Rockets is known for making bold moves, but it appears he's going to evaluate the current roster under new head coach Doc Rivers before deciding on anyone's future.

The 76ers fan base love having Morey in house as they know if it's not working, change will be coming. For now, he'll be patient and see how things develop next season.

Photo credit; Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire