Boston Celtics Send Huge Trade Offer to Houston for James Harden

James Harden has apparently become more open-minded and is willing to expand his list of preferred destinations and you can now add the Boston Celtics to the mix.

The two sides have apparently held preliminary trade discussions and have begun to inch closer to a deal. The talks are believed to been centered around Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart and Daniel Theis heading to Houston and the Celtics are not only interested in Harden coming to Boston, they would love to get their hands on PJ Tucker as well. 

Expect to see an obscene amount of first-round picks and/or draft swaps in any Harden deal. 

While these talks can certainly blow up at the drop of a dime, some have wondered if it would be Kemba Walker heading to Houston instead. Walker's knee issues have been of concern and it would be tough for a team to trade away valuable assets for a questionable piece.

We'll keep a close eye on the talks between the two clubs as with the Celtics and Trail Blazers added to Harden's list, expect to see a trade happen sooner than later.

Photo credit:  Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire