Rudy Gobert Signs Extension with the Jazz

The Utah Jazz have announced they have signed their world-class center, Rudy Gobert to a five-year contract extension worth $205 million. The massive deal keeps the center in Utah and also provides him with the richest contract ever for a big man. 

While it hasn't been all rainbows and lollipops for Gobert with the Jazz, he's one of the best centers in the game and this is a huge move for their franchise. There's been several reports surfacing about Gobert's tension with Jazz guard, Donovan Mitchell, but the team doesn't appear to be too concerned about it with a move like this.

Last season Gobert was the first reported athlete with COVID and he's hoping to move past the debacle and build off some impressive numbers so far in his career. His career average of 11.7 points and 11 rebounds will only continue to rise as Gobert continues to develop his game. Last season he averaged 15.1. points and 13.5 boards and expect much of the same next season.

The two-time defensive player of the year is coming back for his crown. If you live in Utah, there's a block party coming to a community near you. 

Photo credit: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire