Rumor: Raptors and Celtics Make Offers for James Harden

A report has surfaced out of Houston suggesting the Rockets are holding ongoing trade discussions involving James Harden with both the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics. 

Granato has a morning radio show in Houston and sees two eastern conference juggernauts battling it out for Harden's services. 

For the Raptors, Siakam is a golden child in Toronto and his ties to Masai Ujiri are as strong as with anyone else in the organization, this trade would be extremely surprising. Trading DeMar DeRozan shocked the fanbase though and everyone moved on, so you can never say never when the Raptors are involved. 

Siakam struggled in the playoff bubble, but not enough for the team to be concerned, plus he looks great so far in camp. However, players like Harden don't come around very often so it's certainly a huge decision to weigh.

The Celtics would have quite the duo with Jayson Tatum paired with Harden and throw in Kemba Walker and you mid as well change their name to the Boston Buckets. 

Brown is a promising young player with endless talent, but adding Harden would be a huge move for the Celtics. There could be a deal here.

It seems to be a matter of 'when' and not 'if' James Harden is traded from the Rockets. You should probably bet on Houston sending him to the east. 

Photo credit:  Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire