Knicks' Derrick Rose says 'The League Got So Soft,' Has No Problem With Trae Young

New York Knicks guard Derrick Rose believes the recent vitriol aimed toward Hawks star Trae Young is completely in bounds. Rose lamented that the NBA has gone 'soft' and that Young's enthralling villainous theatrics are all a part of the game. 

When asked about the 'f--k you Trae Young' chants throughout the game, as well as Young's brazen responses both on and off the court, Rose merely brushed it off and said 'that's basketball.' In fact, the former MVP reminisced upon a time when drinks would be thrown at the player's family members.

That’s basketball. The league got so soft, Rose explained to reporters on Wednesday prior to Game 2. That’s basketball. He came in, he played a great game. And the crowd is supposed to do that. It’s supposed to be that way. And it’s supposed to amp up and bring the atmosphere to where it is right now. That’s what I’m used to. I’ve been in series where drinks were thrown at a parent, people’s moms. You on the court and you see a beer splashed on your (family) — that’s the environment I’m used to.

Rose continued to implore Young to maintain his boisterous demeanour, ensuring Knicks hopeful that Game 2 will be far more arduous for him.

And you want to talk s--t, talk s--t. But the next game it’s going to be tougher. The environment is going to create a great atmosphere for great basketball.

 These comments are fresh off of New York City's Mayor Bill de Blasio's remarks on Young's foul hunting and outright playing the game the wrong way. The 22-year-old lit up the Knicks for 31 points, as well as the go-ahead floater with less than one second remaining.

The Knicks will hope to avoid going down 0-2, as only four teams in NBA history have rallied back to win a series after dropping the first two home games.

Photo credit: Seth Wenig-USA TODAY Sports