Kyle Lowry Addresses Media for Year-End Wrap Up

Raptors fans got to hear from their beloved Kyle Lowry today, and fans of teams hoping to compete for a championship next year heard some things they should like.

Lowry, the Raptors all-time leader in assists and steals (and 2nd in points), is considered to be the best Raptor of all-time and there has been much speculation over his future with the team. He was amongst the most talked about players in the NBA at the trade deadline this year, ultimately staying in Toronto.
With all the chatter about where he will end up next year, Lowry shed a little light on the situation, indicating that he want to get paid for what will likely be his last large contract in the NBA. 
Speaking about this past season, Lowry shed light on the belief in the Raptors locker room throughout the year, knowing they could make a run to the playoffs. Ultimately, the Raptors were one of the hardest hit teams by COVID-19, which derailed their season. 
Now the speculation can begin about where Kyle Lowry will end up next year. Will he stay in Toronto? Go to his hometown of Philadelphia? Head to the West coast in LA? Only time will tell... 

Photo Credit: POOL PHOTOS-USA TODAY Sports