Kyrie Irving Not At Brooklyn Media Day, Later Says "I don't want to create any more drama"

As Media Day has arrived in advance of training camps opening around the NBA this week, it's no surprise to see Kyrie Irving being absent from the Brooklyn Nets official media conferences. Due to health and safety protocols, and New York City laws, he is not able to be onsite. 

Kyrie Irving is infamously one of the most outspoken NBA players about not being vaccinated, and because of that, he faces being banned from participating in all 41 Brooklyn Nets home games. New York City laws state that anyone attending a large indoor gathering must be vaccinated. 

In San Francisco, we learned last week that Andrew Wiggins faces the same eventuality due to the same city laws.   

A report on Sunday stated that Irving has been liking posts from an account pushing conspiracy theories and false narratives about the vaccine. Irving, who is on the executive of the NBA Players Association, has been vocal about his anti-vaccine stance, and has been pushing it around the league, according to the report.

As for missing the Brooklyn Media Day festivities, and his ongoing anti-vax saga, he says have patience.

Everything will be released "at a due date, when this is all cleared up."

Finally, Kyrie closed with "I don't want to create any more drama. That's not what I'm here for." Umm, right. Maybe a bit too late for that. 

Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports