This Is How Close DeMar DeRozan Was To Joining the Lakers

DeMar DeRozan is from Compton. His dream was to go back home and play for the Los Angeles Lakers. A report today in The Athletic says he even went so far as going to LeBron James’ house this summer to meet with Lakers players to discuss his fit on the team. 

LeBron actually hosted a few player meetings in his own "war room" at his home, in efforts to find another co-star to join him and Anthony Davis. They also had Russell Westbrook and Buddy Hield in for chats. This was all done outside the purview of the Lakers front office.

DeRozan also had several other phone conversations with James, and was confident that all of the meetings went well. 

the report says that Lakers management even looked into the idea of a sign-and-trade with DeRozan's San Antonio Spurs, but couldn't come up with a satisfactory deal, or a contract number that satisfied DeRozan. 

In the end, everyone got what they wanted, as adding Westbrook was the Lakers' true first choice, and a massive contract apparently was DeRozan's first choice. He signed with the Chicago Bulls for a whopping $85 milliion over 3 years.

Photo Credit: Daniel Dunn-USA TODAY Sports