Trail Blazers Reject 76ers Insane Trade Request

The Philadelphia 76ers are trying to fleece the NBA in their pursuit to trade Ben Simmons. With limited leverage you question their strategy as reports have surfaced suggesting the team asked for the moon from the Portland Trail Blazers.

Word is the 76ers wanted three first-round picks and three pick swaps for Simmons, who has no interest in ever playing another possession in Philly. It's likely Norman Powell would have also been involved in the deal, along with a couple of bench players as the Trail Blazers would need to send out roughly $30 million to facilitate the deal. Apparently the 76ers asked about CJ McCollum and the team quickly said no chance.

There's been multiple reports about the trade talks with Simmons as the 76ers are engaged with the Sacramento Kings, Indiana Pacers and these mentioned talks with Portland. Expect to see some more teams involved as we creep closer to opening night.

Photo credit:  Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports