Drake Pushing for a WNBA Franchise in Toronto

The Six God has spoken and Drake wants to see a WNBA in his hometown of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The Rapper took to social media to declare his wish and now we sit back and wait to see if talks begin between his representatives and the WNBA.

The rapper has been very vocal about one day owning an NBA team, and the Toronto Raptors Ambassador could use this as a first step to that process. More importantly, women's basketball is on the rise and the game can continue to grow in Toronto which will help propel it across Canada.

The four-time Grammy winner is trying to do something that's never been done as no WNBA team has been based outside of the United States. The league is 12 franchises and it's been over 12 years since the league expanded. There's been some chatter about expanding and Toronto is certainly on the map.

Along with Toronto, expect to see a team eventually in Oakland. Both teams could likely get suited up for the 2023 season. The Toronto Owls? Not sure Drizzy will get approval on that one.

Photo credit: © Kevin Sousa-USA TODAY Sports