Nets' Rookie Cam Thomas Hilariously Boasting He Beat Kevin Durant One-on-One


Brooklyn Nets guard Cam Thomas is off to a nice start to his professional career. He's averaging over 40 points in his two games in the G League. Then Nets head coach Steve Nash inserted him for some crucial minutes in the Nets' latest win against the Cleveland Cavaliers. But Thomas just might be letting his early success give him delusions of grandeur. 

The 6'4" Thomas says he beat Kevin Durant (6'11") in a one-on-one. 

"We played 1 on 1 in shootaround one time...I beat him," Thomas told the postgame media conference with a straight face. "Don't tell him that. I beat him." 

"That's ridiculous! He was lying for sure," was KD's response. "I definitely beat him 13-5. And those 5 shots that he made, I turned my back and went, 'go ahead'."

"Me and KD just be trash talking," Thomas added "I say 'I think I'm a better scorer than him at my age than he was' and he doesn't believe that. Then he never wants to play me 1 on 1."

Having a look at the stat sheet from that night's game, Durant realized what was happening. "(He was) 4-for-7, you know, he feeling himself when he come in he's gonna come in here and fabricate" said Durant with a smile.

The 20-year-old Thomas was the 27th pick in this year's draft, and he is indeed "feeling himself" thus far in his pro career.

Photo Credit: Alonzo Adams-USA TODAY Sports