Rumor: Kyrie Irving Could Make One Cameo NBA Appearance


The Brooklyn Nets have banned Kyrie Irving from playing for the team this season, as long as he remains a "part-time player"—i.e. unvaccinated, and unable to play home games due to New York City's vaccine mandate.

But according to Brian Lewis of the New York Post, league and team sources have indicated that Kyrie will be on the NBA All-Star Ballot, thus making him eligible to play in the February event in Cleveland, if the unfair and unthinkable happens, and he is voted onto the team. 

"When the NBA updated its All-Star voting process, all players on the rosters were put on the ballot," writes Lewis. "Because Irving is still on the Nets’ official roster — sent home but not suspended — he won’t be an exception, despite not having played a second for the Nets this season."

According to the article, the league isn't expected to take any action to prevent this bizarre circumstance from occurring. 

Late last week, rumors began to circulate that Irving may get to return to the Nets after the new year, as new New York City Mayor-elect Eric Adams said he wants to "revisit" the vaccine mandate

However, Adams cleared that up this weekend, stating emphatically that he will not be coming to Kyrie's rescue. 

"New York is not going to change their rules," Adams told CNN. "It’s up to the #NBA and Kyrie Irving to work something out.”

Well, Kyrie fans can always hope for February in Cleveland.

Photo Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports