NBA Rumors: 'Renewed Optimism' For A Kyrie Irving Return


It was just last week that Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash said, "If we get the gift of (Kyrie Irving’s) return, we’ll be ecstatic but we can’t count on it. We can’t wait for him." 

However, sources have now indicated to Shams Charania of The Athletic that maybe they are 'waiting for him', and that there is "a renewed belief that Irving could play this season after all. Nets players and coaches want to have Irving rejoin the team as soon as possible."

Although the Nets had made it clear at the outset of the season that they were not interested in Irving being a "part-time player", and only playing road games, it seems that the tenor of that conversation has changed a bit. 

According to the report, there's increased "enthusiasm" between Kyrie and Kevin Durant, who have been speaking in recent weeks, and have had "increased communication about his fit on the team, and breaking down the games." 

What isn't known at this point, is whether Kyrie's return would involve him finally receiving the Covid vaccine, and therefore be eligible for all games, or if his potential return would simply be on a part-time basis, in road games, while practicing with the team at home. 

The New York City vaccine mandate forbids any unvaccinated persons from entering a large public gathering, or public indoor gyms, which includes Nets games at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. 

In the meantime, even without Irving, the Nets continue on with a 19-8 record, atop the Eastern Conference. 

Photo Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports