VIDEO: 'Must See' Miracle Finish in Oklahoma City

As the old saying goes in sports, it ain't over till it's over. Never was that more true than in one of the wildest miracle shot finishes you'll ever see in the NBA. Times Two. Pick it up with the hometown Oklahoma City Thunder trailing the New Orleans Pelicans by 3 with just 4.5 seconds left:

After Shai Gilgeous-Alexander heaves a crazy 3-point prayer to tie it for the Thunder, the Pelicans have no time-outs and just 1.4 seconds on the clock. 
That's when Devonte' Graham heaved up his own 'Hail Mary' — a 61-footer that somehow went in, completing one of the craziest finishes to an NBA game in history.

It's worth hearing the Pelicans' broadcast call as well:
“I just wanted to get one up, honestly,” Graham said after the game. “I didn’t want to take the ball out. I waited. Then J-Hart (Josh Hart) passed it to me and I just let it fly... When it went in, I just ran around like a crazy person."

He said one of the guys from the Thunder came in afterwards and gave him the game ball, and he will be giving it to one happy family member or another. 

Graham said it's not the first time he's hit a shot like that. "I texted one of my buddies, and he said 'you've been practicing that shot your whole life!'... When I was at Kansas, I used to shoot half-court shots every game, every practice.... You never know, you might get in that situation one day."

He said the Pelicans call that play 'Vegas', presumably because it's the longest of long shots. Literally.