Miami Heat Concerned Markieff Morris Out For Rest Of Season After Jokic Shove

It was an incident that nearly sparked a family feud between the Morris brothers and the Jokic brothers; now, three months later, the Miami Heat are reportedly concerned that Morris, who has not played since, will miss the rest of the season due to his whiplash injury. 

Morris says he wants to return, but the Heat have "serious medical concerns" and have yet to clear him to play. For his part, Morris 'guarantees' he'll be back this season.

"Both sides concerned," wrote Morris in a tweet. "Don’t trip though you’ll see me again this year! That’s a Fact!" 

It all went down back on Nov. 8th, when Morris laid a hard body-check on Jokic and then turned his back, leading the defending MVP to shove Morris to the ground from behind, leaving him with a whiplash injury. 

Family Feud: NBA Edition

The incident led to Family Feud: NBA Edition, when Morris's twin brother Marcus, who plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, sent out a threatening tweet at Jokic, which in turn led to Jokic's bruising brothers to clap back at the Morris twins. 

Just a few weeks back, Morris was still fuming, calling Jokic a, shall we say, body-shaming nickname.