NBA Rumors: LeBron James & Anthony Davis 'Not In Alignment' With Lakers Front Office

The Los Angeles Lakers were unable to make any moves at the trade deadline, and general manager Rob Pelinka was telling anyone who'd listen that his stars, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, were "in alignment" with the Lakers' lack of activity.

But according to a report by ESPN's Dave McMenamin, that is "totally false."

“Rob Pelinka also said that ultimately there was alignment between him, LeBron James, and Anthony Davis to not make a move," said McMenamin. "I am told from a source familiar with LeBron and Anthony’s thinking, that that is “totally false”, that there was no conversation between Rob Pelinka, LeBron, and Anthony Davis on Thursday. There was no go ahead of an 'okay' to have inaction at the deadline.”

How the Lakers proceed moving forward, with their star players in disagreement with Pelinka on what the team needs to do to improve, should make for an interesting finish to the season. 

Next up is the buyout market, where the Lakers would like to be active to address some needs, but whether players would want to come in to this uncertain and unpredictable situation, remains to be seen. In fact, that thought is literally laughable to some in the media:

There are a number of potential players who could be on the buyout market that could help in small ways, maybe even a player they cut loose after last season, Dennis Schroder. 

Photo Credit: Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports