NBA Rumors: Suns Looking To Move Ayton In Offseason Blockbuster Sign-and-Trade

Deandre Ayton was not a happy camper when the Phoenix Suns refused to offer him the super max rookie extension this past offseason. Wait till he hears about this blockbuster rumor, courtesy Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report: 

A handful of personnel around the league have recently mentioned Phoenix's intriguing interest in acquiring (Domantas) Sabonis... league figures have pointed to a potential sign-and-trade this offseason that would conclude the Suns' contract standoff with Deandre Ayton and in exchange land Sabonis in The Valley. 

It's important to note that Fischer emphasizes that the Suns are not expected to do anything at this trade deadline to jeopardize the team chemistry that has built into the runaway train that sports the best record in the NBA. But Ayton's contract squabbles could lead to this mind-blowing move in the summer. 

What Pacers want for Sabonis at trade deadline

It's likely that Sabonis will still be a Pacer in the offseason, since the haul Indiana is looking for in any trade is in the range of "multiple first-round picks plus a blue-chip young player," according to Fischer. 

As for Ayton, the troubles began last summer, as he watched his fellow 2018 draft class rack up record amounts in rookie extensions, while the Suns balked at giving him one. He was none too pleased, to say the least. 

It obviously hasn't affected his play, or that of his teammates. Phoenix is 43-10, far and away the best record in the NBA. 

Photo Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports