Nets Source: Harden "Isn't Going To Philly.. I'll Tell You That With Absolute Certainty"

As the debate continues on the future of James Harden in Brooklyn, and how that ties in with the Ben Simmons saga in Philadelphia, one thing is certain, according to NBA Insider Jordan Schultz:

“James [Harden] isn’t going to Philly; I’ll tell you that with absolute certainty,” Schultz quotes a Nets’ source as saying. “They called and we didn’t listen. We want to win a championship and trading James does nothing but hurt that goal.”

The close proximity of these two teams—in the standings, in the division, even geographically—makes this a difficult move to justify for two teams that have visions of winning the title. The Nets are thinking that they just can't take the chance that handing Harden to the Sixers would boost their championship chances over their own.

The fact is, many would argue, Ben Simmons would likely be a great fit on the Nets. His All-NBA defense is just what the doctor ordered for Brooklyn, while at the same time, Simmons wouldn't have to shoot the ball in crunch time (as he is infamously averse to do) on a team with Kevin Durant and part-time player Kyrie Irving. 

Add sharpshooter Joe Harris, if he is ever able to come back from his injuries, and Simmons would never have to shoot again.

But it appears from all accounts that any Simmons for Harden deal will have to wait until the offseason, as the Nets seem to be making it clear (so says coach Steve Nash, publicly) that it's not happening right now. 

Photo Credit: Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports