Report: James Harden Looked At Kyrie Irving "Like He Had Three Heads"

Now that the deal has been done, and James Harden was granted his wish of getting out of Brooklyn, the reasons for his unhappiness are starting to become more clear. And it's beginning to feel like it starts, and ends, with his former part-time teammate Kyrie Irving. 

A report in The Athletic today says in the time leading up to the trade, Harden was looking at Irving "like he had three heads."

In the locker room before a game in Cleveland in Jan. 17th, reports Joe Vardon, Kyrie lit some 'sage'—described as 'a Native American ritual Irving has embraced to cleanse negative energy'. "Harden, according to sources who were in the room when it happened," writes Vardon, "was seated in front of his locker, watching Irving, and looked at Kyrie like he had three heads.

"Definitely a weird vibe between them,” one source said. “You could tell Harden was annoyed, and Kyrie wasn’t feeling James.”

It's also known that Harden was not happy with Irving's choice to be a part-time player, not able to play in home games because of his choice to remain unvaccinated. Or, as Charles Barkley so hilariously put it Thursday night: 

"Half-man, Half-A-Season". Gotta love Charles Barkley. 

As for the Harden-Irving rift, it appears the bad feelings were mutual. As noted in The Athletic, when word dropped of Harden wanting out, "a well-placed source says (Irving) was eager to see it come to fruition."

Now everyone got their wish. We'll see if the Nets can reverse their fortunes, which sees them on a 10-game losing streak, and with a 6-14 record since Kyrie's reinstatement—4-9 when he actually plays, in road games. 

Photo Credit:  Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports