NBA Rumors: If Irving Leaves, "Does Kevin Durant Ask For A Trade?"

The entire future of the Brooklyn Nets hinges on what happens with the Kyrie Irving contract negotiations. NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski suggested as much, by questioning if Kevin Durant will be the next to go if Kyrie leaves.

"This is a real difficult position for Brooklyn. Because Kevin Durant remains very connected to Kyrie Irving... Kevin Durant wants Kyrie Irving back. And what the Nets are risking if Kyrie does leave—does Kevin Durant ask for a trade?"

Woj says the Nets are being "disciplined" in these contract talks. They want some assurances that Kyrie will be fully invested in the team, perhaps insisting on some games-played clauses in a shorter term contract. Irving has only played in 103 of a possible 226 games since he's come to the Nets. 45% of their games. 

"In these Irving contract talks, the Nets are trying to take back a measure of leverage on a star who hasn't been available nearly enough in his three seasons," writes Wojnarowski.

He also posits that perhaps a short-term two-year, $84M contract is something the Nets would be comfortable with. 

Talks continue. And a team's future hangs in the balance.

Photo Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports