NBA Rumors: Nets Had Ridiculous Ask Of Celtics In Durant Talks

Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai has made it publicly known that his team will not be forced into making a deal by any player ultimatums or other coercion tactics. Thus, the asking price for any Kevin Durant trade remains insanely high. 

How insanely high? According to a report from Adam Himmelsbach of The Boston Globe, a source told him that the Nets “initially tried to pry” both Jaylen Brown AND Jayson Tatum from the Celtics for Durant.

Now that is insane. It goes without saying that that part of the two teams' discussions didn't last very long. 

And we've heard that Brooklyn also tried to get Marcus Smart and several first-round picks added to a deal centered around Brown, to which again, the Celts said, 'no thanks.' 

It's quite clear that the KD trade talks are going to continue to drag on until the Nets drop their demands a tad. Probably one of the reasons that Durant tried his "trade me or fire Steve Nash and Sean Marks" manoeuvre; it was ultimately an attempt to put more pressure on Brooklyn to get serious about trade talks. 

From Durant's side, he needs to open up his preferred list of locations to help move the process along as well, and to that end, today we've heard word of a new desired landing spot that KD would accept

Photo: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports