Patrick Beverley Blasts "All This KD Sh*t", Calling Out Kevin Durant

The first backlash has begun to hit the fan after Kevin Durant patched things up with the Brooklyn Nets today, calling off his trade request

Patrick Beverley has never been one to keep his emotions in check or to hide his feelings, and he quickly took to Twitter after the Durant recant hit the news, blasting KD for holding up the free agency process for many unemployed players.

"It’s dudes with families out here who haven’t got a job because of this KD sh*t. And to be on and off ain’t cool" wrote Pat Bev.

Durant immediately shot back with his own response. 

The hashtag #BLAMEKD was all he wrote.

Beverley backed off after that, claiming that he wasn't actually blaming Durant personally, but the "process" of it all... 

"Damn gang who said I was talking about u. I’m speaking of how it was done. Both sides need keep that private. But noted ๐Ÿ“"

This isn't the first time these two have beefed. Durant and Beverley went at it in the 2019 playoffs, and have jawed at each other on numerous occasions.

And just this spring, when Beverley went on ESPN and blasted Chris Paul for his defensive abilities, Durant went online for a shot back at Pat Bev.

Wherever Beverley winds up (he recently called on the Jazz to trade him), we're all looking forward to his first game against the Brooklyn Nets.

Photos:  Harrison Barden-USA TODAY Sports  , Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports