Draymond Green Calls Two Teams "Sorry Motherf***ers"

Even while he's facing discipline from his own team for reportedly punching Jordan Poole in practice, Draymond Green is out there trashing certain opponents on his podcast. 

Green says he hates "playing against the sorry motherf–kers... (like) the (Sacramento) Kings. OKC (Oklahoma City Thunder) right now. The Kings may get better I hope, but you know, it’s like, how am I supposed to get myself up, with like, this engine, from playing in so many big-time games to playing on this soft Tuesday?”

With LeBron James sitting in the room, he was sure to mention that 'King' as one of those guys he does get fired up for. 

“It’s not a night that I show up and don’t wanna be a dog,” Green says. “Especially if it’s LeBron coming in or a Giannis [Antetokounmpo] coming in 'cause that’s them games I live for."

Green is never one to hold back his strong opinions. He is currently on the hot seat with the Golden State Warriors, for letting those 'opinions' get physical—slugging teammate Jordan Poole during practice yesterday. Possible discipline is still forthcoming. 

Draymond is a 4-time NBA All-Defensive First Team member, a 4-time NBA champion, and definitely a first-team trash talker.