NBA Players Shocked Over Draymond Green Sucker Punch Video

It hasn't taken long for players around the NBA to react to the new leaked video of the vicious sucker punch that Draymond Green threw at his teammate Jordan Poole at Golden State Warriors practice on Wednesday. Shock all around.

Evan Fournier just came out and put it bluntly: "There is no way you can get back to being teammates after a punch like that."

Isaiah Thomas tweeted, "you ain’t responding with a PUNCH if that’s somebody you really rock with!!!", while Trae Young tweeted "Draymond is tryna get to LA. Damn ! 😳". Former player and current ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins wrote, "Beyond that being a sucka move, Draymond needs to know what he did to Jordan Poole as a man, the Warriors as a team and his own legacy! Leadership is more than holding teammates accountable, you gotta check yourself too!"

And of course, the other really big question being asked is who within the confines of Warriors practice actually leaked the video to TMZ? Isaiah Thomas addressed that as well.

That is a story unto itself. 

The Draymond Drama continues... 

Photo: Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports