Ja Morant Names Team He's Most Concerned About

The Memphis Grizzlies are currently sitting in the second seed with a record of 19-11. There are only three games that separate the eighth seed from the first seed in the West. That should be enough to tell you that it is a very competitive conference. However, for star Grizzlies player, Ja Morant, he does not seem to be worried about the West, and names the team he's most concerned about.

In a sit-down with Malika Andrews of ESPN, Morant was asked about which team around the league he is most worried about. To the surprise of Andrews, Ja only mentioned the Boston Celtics. When asked about any team in the West, Morant said "Nah, I'm fine in the West."

Confidence is definitely seeping from the fourth-year All-Star player. Morant has been playing extremely well this season, and stepping up in the rebounding and assists department. So far, he is averaging 27 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds. 

The Grizzlies last season ended with the second seed and lost to the eventual champions, Golden State Warriors, in the second round of the playoffs in the West. That gives the team the impression that they are of championship caliber and have made a case for that once again to start this year. What is most intriguing is the team is the fifth youngest in the league, so the roster has experience with such a young roster that could go a long way. 

Memphis is looking good this year despite missing key players. Jaren Jackson Jr. missed some time at the beginning of the season but has made his return. Desmond Bane however has been out since November 13th and has missed 17 games in total. Bane was averaging 24 points a game to start the season, which is a huge scoring output that is missing from the team. 

The Grizzlies are 8-8 in the conference though, which indicates that they have some work to do to not worry about the West at all. Morant is right to be concerned about the Celtics either way. Boston went to the Finals last year and this year look poised to make that return. Memphis lost to Boston earlier this year by three points, and face off again on February 12th in Boston to hopefully atone for that loss. 

Photo Credit Petre Thomas-USA TODAY Sports