NBA Rumors: Mavericks Interested In Bulls Star

The Chicago Bulls are in the midst of a disastrous season, and there have even been calls to tear it down and trade off their best assets. One of those assets is dynamic guard Zach LaVine, who's in the first year of a brand new 5-year, $215M max contract. 

There have been rumblings of discontent within the Bulls ranks between the team and LaVine, and trade rumors have surfaced. One team that's come up as a possible suitor is the Dallas Mavericks. Is LaVine a match as a sidekick to Luka Doncic in the Big D? 

While chatting with Zach Lowe of ESPN on The Lowe Post podcast, NBA Insider Tim MacMahon says LaVine is definitely garnering some interest in the Mavs' front office. 

I just know that there are fans of [LaVine] that hold prominent positions within the Mavericks... I’m not sitting here and telling you there’s some great consensus. [But] I think there’s enough fans of him where I wouldn’t totally rule it out.

                                                                             —ESPN's Tim MacMahon 

The Mavericks are in need of making an impact move, reasons MacMahon, in order to move up the pecking order in the West.

"Put yourself in (Mavericks GM) Nico Harrison's shoes. Let's say you have to give up at least a couple of picks...(also) at least Josh Green... Tim Hardaway Jr.'s probably in that deal. Is that something you're eager to do?"

Podcast host Zach Lowe, however, thinks that both teams "would come to the realization that this is too much, too soon." That is, are the Bulls really ready to completely blow it all up? And what is LaVine's true trade value? 

From the Mavs' point of view, Lowe said, "If I'm Dallas, if you play those cards, you don't get to play cards for a while again," referring to the long-term massive commitment to LaVine's contract. 

It's certainly a wild concept to consider, and fun to think about. 

Photo: Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports