Phoenix Suns Outrageous Asking Price For Jae Crowder Revealed

Over three months into the season, and Jae Crowder is still sitting at home, the Phoenix Suns are down a man, and a trade has yet to materialize. Why? It could be because of the Suns' reported asking price:

ESPN's Zach Lowe revealed on his Lowe Post podcast that the Suns are looking for two of the following three parameters to be met in any return for Crowder:

  • A first-round pick
  • A "good young player"
  • A solid rotation, "almost starter-level" player 

Two out of three ain't bad, you say? In this case, it's been bad business, as teams around the league are clearly questioning if Crowder, at 32, and on an expiring contract, is worth that much. 

"That's why Jae Crowder hasn't been traded yet! We're 50 games into the season; he hasn't played; and he's in the last year of his contract," said Lowe.

Fellow NBA Insider Bobby Marks added, "Eventually time's going to run out. You're not going to get a first (round pick) for him for a guy who hasn't played since (last year's playoffs)... I think there would be more interest if he was out there, competing."

Lowe then asked himself, "If you were to ask me what team will Crowder be on come April? Maybe it's the Globetrotters?" before coming up with a slightly more serious answer of the Milwaukee Bucks.

Photo: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports