Sad Lonzo Ball Update: "We Don't Know Why..."

The latest word from the Chicago Bulls on the status of Lonzo Ball's knee injury—which has kept him out now for over a full year—is pretty ominous. The pain in his knee is still recurring, despite a couple of surgeries. And nobody knows why.

“The Chicago Bulls don't know why Lonzo Ball is still feeling pain in his knee. The medical staff doesn't know why there is still pain. Lonzo and his camp also don't know why.” 

Ball originally injured the knee and had surgery last January. But the recovery was slow, and the pain kept returning. In September, Ball revealed that "I still can't play basketball. I literally can't run or jump." So he underwent a second procedure on the knee, and at that time, it was said that he was expected to return by January or February of this year. 

But now that January or February is here, the pain is still there, and doctors, the team and Lonzo himself all have no idea why. 

Ball signed a 4-year, $80M contract with the Bulls before last season, and in his 35 games, averaged 13 points, 5.1 assists and 5.4 rebounds, while shooting 42.3% from 3-point range.

Without him, the team has floundered, to the point where many are calling for them to blow it up at the trade deadline, or after the season. 

Photo: Nick Wosika-USA TODAY Sports