Insider Suggests Paul George To Be Out Longer Than Expected

When Paul George went down with a sprained knee about a week ago, it was said that he'd be out "two-to-three weeks." Now, just one-to-two-weeks away from that timeline, an early return doesn't look promising. In fact, NBA Insider Shams Charania says the Los Angeles Clippers will likely be without George for the first round of the playoffs.

“The Clippers, believe, I'm told, that they're going to have to get out of the first round for a real window for Paul George to return. So, maybe 2nd round.. Conference Finals... You try to get out of the 1st round if you’re the Clippers to give yourself a chance to get him back.

"Paul George is gonna be out for an extended period of time."

As it stands right now, the Clippers find themselves in the 5-seed in the Western Conference, and would face a first-round matchup with Kevin Durant and the Phoenix Suns, if the playoffs were to start tomorrow. That will be no easy task without PG13. 

As Shams points out, however, the Clips did advance out of a 2nd-round series a couple of years back after Kawhi Leonard went down to injury, so perhaps it could be done. But things just got a whole lot more difficult for those holding out hopes of a long Clippers run. 

The first round is set to begin on April 15th, and given the way the league milks it with TV times, it could run until just about the end of April, which would be a full month from now.