NBA Rumors: Luka Doncic Uncertainty In Dallas Being "Monitored" By Team Ready To Pounce

It was an ugly finish to the season for the Dallas Mavericks. And now there seems to be some concern in some corners of the league that Luka Doncic is not happy. Of course, any team would be ready to sell its soul to get their hands on Luka, but there's ONE team with the assets to pull it off. 

According to several insiders, including Andy Larsen, the Utah Jazz are keeping a watchful eye on the situation. 

I do have sources within the Jazz organization, who say that the Jazz are keenly interested in Doncic... They want to use at least some of those draft picks acquired in the Donovan Mitchell and Rudy Gobert trades on acquiring a star in the trade market.

NBA Insider John Hollinger adds, “My spies (are) telling me that Utah in particular is keeping a very interested eye on Luka Doncic’s situation.” 

While Luka has continued to play at an MVP-like level, the Mavs haven't been able to find a way to surround him with the talent necessary to get to the Finals. And it appears to be wearing on him. The trade for Kyrie Irving turned out to be a disaster, as Dallas plummeted from 4th in the West at the time of the deal to 11th and out of the playoffs by the end of the season. And now they want to re-sign Irving. 

As for the Jazz, CEO Danny Ainge pulled in a truckload of top draft picks in his fire sale last summer, and are now ready to step up their rebuild by trading for a superstar. Luka would certainly fit the bill. 

Photo: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports