Breaking: 2 Finalists For Bradley Beal In "Serious Talks"

The Bradley Beal Sweepstakes are apparently moving at a lightning quick pace, as a report today has two teams as finalists for the Washington Wizards' three-time All-Star. 

The Miami Heat and Phoenix Suns are in "serious talks" with the Wiz, says NBA Insider Shams Charania. 

The Heat were revealed as favorites earlier this week, and now it appears they are motivated to get something done after falling short in the NBA Finals, partly due to a lack of offensive options outside of Jimmy Butler. Kyle Lowry and Duncan Robinson are rumored as the return.

The Suns are the other finalist, and they, too, are working to facilitate a major upgrade to their roster after falling short in the playoffs despite the one-two punch of Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. In this deal, Deandre Ayton, Chris Paul and Landry Shamet are noted as the key names in a return. The Wizards would get some cap relief with the ability to waive CP3 by June 28 and only get hit with the partially guaranteed $15M left on his deal.

Beal and the Wizards have agreed to work together to find a new destination for him, as the new front office in DC is looking to take the team in another direction. 

The 30-year-old oft-injured Beal has a full no-trade clause, but is thought to be more than open to either Phoenix or Miami. The receiving team, however, would be taking on the most cumbersome contract in the NBA, as Beal is still owed over $200M over the next four seasons. 

Photo: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports