NBA Rumors: Paul George Trade Talks Take a New Turn

It was just yesterday that we learned that the Los Angeles Clippers were considering trading one of their two franchise linchpins, Paul George. Today, talks had apparently escalated with the New York Knicks, making a trade a real possibility. 

But things have taken another turn as the Knicks—and other teams—are getting cold feet about taking on the massive contract and constant injury concerns of PG13.

Clippers Insider Andrew Greif explains: 

“After some internal discussions, the Knicks have become hesitant about acquiring George. The Knicks also think George’s representatives will ask for a contract extension. He’s due to earn $45.6M next season and $48.8M the following season if he exercises his option.”  

The 8-time All-Star is eligible for a 4-year, $220M extension. Having watched him average just 47 games a season in the four years since acquiring him, the Clippers are probably not very inclined to offer that extension. And now, apparently, neither are the Knicks, or pretty much any other team. 

The Knicks are still hoping to bring in another big-time star this offseason, but it appears that George won't be the only multi-time All-Star available on the trade market this summer. It's quite likely that Damian Lillard will be asking for a trade after the Portland Trail Blazers wind up keeping their No. 3 pick in Thursday's draft, while Dame has quite clearly said he's not interested in the team bringing on more youth, but rather ready-to win players. 

Photo: Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports