Phoenix Suns Rumors: 2 Players Ex-Coach Monty Williams Loathed

It was clear by the end of this past season that head coach Monty Williams and the Phoenix Suns were headed for a divorce. The team wasn't happy, and neither was he. And we're learning now where the root of the problems really lied over the past couple of years. 

According to plugged-in Suns Insider John Gambadoro, Williams "disliked" coaching Jae Crowder and Deandre Ayton. 

He told people (Crowder) was too difficult to handle and coach. Monty didn’t want Jae. It wasn’t the Suns organization. He didn’t want Jae around. As far as Deandre Ayton, Monty didn’t want him either. He wanted them to trade him to Indiana for Myles Turner. He didn’t like coaching Ayton. When Ayton signed his maximum contract when the Suns matched his offer sheet, Monty wasn’t even there and didn’t show up when Ayton signed it at the arena or call him to say congratulations. Monty’s a good coach and a player’s coach, but he’s a player’s coach for the players he likes, but he wasn’t in on Jae and Deandre.

Crowder sat out most of the last season since Williams didn't want him around, and eventually got traded to the Milwaukee Bucks, where he was little more than an afterthought as well. 

Ayton was noticeably upset about being back with the Suns at training camp, despite his new max contract, and noted at the time that he hadn't even spoken to his coach over the summer. 

It's all making a lot of sense right about now. 

In the meantime, Williams has landed the richest coaching contract in NBA history with the Detroit Pistons. Safe to say that if Ayton is eventually traded by the Suns, it won't be to the Motor City. 

And Crowder's free agency? The Pistons are definitely not in. 

Photo: Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports