Patrick Beverley Traded Again, To Join Forces With Nemesis

It seems like every time Patrick Beverley joins a new team (and it's happening quite often these past few years), he has to make amends on a beef he had with one of his new teammates. This time, after being traded from the Philadelphia 76ers to the Milwaukee Bucks, he'll have to come face-to-face with Damian Lillard. 

Cam Payne and a second-round pick go to Philly in the deal. It's Pat Bev's fifth team in the last three years. 

Beverley has had a long-standing feud with Lillard, including mocking a broken Dame Time watch in a game last season. 

Lillard chirped an "I'll beat your a**" at Beverley.

All beefs aside, Pat Bev will bring a defensive intensity on the perimeter that the Bucks have lacked since losing Jrue Holiday in the Lillard trade before the season. And Dame knows it. 

"He brings an edge and a defensive tenacity on the perimeter that we need. There are not many players who bring it on a nightly like him. I look forward to working together. Our past personal issues don't trump an opportunity to win a championship." 

As for Beverley, he knows he needs to make things right with Lillard, as this is his chance to win a title. 

He was seen telling a friend on the phone, "I gotta get my relationship right with Dame… It's time to win a championship." 

The other fascinating part of this union is to have Beverley and new Bucks coach Doc Rivers together again. They were with the LA Clippers together, and Pat Bev has stayed close with him. Just last summer, he hit up his old coach when deciding to go to Philly. 

“I hit Doc… ‘I might go to Philly. Obviously, you was there. How’d you like the situation?’ Now this is a Hall of Fame coach that just got fired, and his response in exact words, ‘I love Philadelphia for you. They need you.'"

Now, ironically, the two are together again. We'll see how Doc, whose ability to massage different personalities has always been in question (see: Simmons, Ben, Harden, James), takes on the Beverley-Lillard dynamic. 

At the very least, hilarity should ensue with the Doc-Dame-Pat Bev union. 

Photo: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports