Fred VanVleet Admits He's Chasing The Money

Fred VanVleet has one thing on his mind and it's dollar bills. The undrafted guard has gone from playing seven minutes a night his rookie year to a proven starter, who happens to be one of the best free agents on the current NBA market.  

He used to take what he could get, now VanVleet is only interested in the highest bidder. You don't believe us, just ask him. 

You have to give him credit for being honest. As far as his old team goes, the Raptors are surely interested in bringing him back, but both sides understand it's a business. 

It's going to be interesting because the Raptors are trying to be creative with their money as the free agent classes the next two years are loaded with stars. So if VanVleet prices himself out of range, now what? Decisions, decisions for Masai Ujiri and company and it will be entertaining to see what direction the Raptors go. As VanVleet said in the interview, he has nothing left to prove in Toronto so it certainly feels like he's headed elsewhere. 

Look for the New York Knicks, Detroit Pistons and if they don't get Chris Paul, the Phoenix Suns to be willing to get off their wallets for VanVleet's talents.

'Bet on Yourself', you know never, it might just fill your pockets. 

Photo credit: Jevone Moore/Icon Sportswire