Report: Sixers Fielding Offers For Ben Simmons, Turn Down Deal From Pacers

The Philadelphia 76ers have begun fielding offers for All-Star guard Ben Simmons, but have made it known that they will only entertain offers that include another All-Star caliber player, per Bleacher Report's Jason Dumas.

Most recently, the Sixers rejected an offer from the Pacers. The proposed deal was centered around Malcolm Brogdon, who averaged 21.2 points, 5.9 assists and 5.3 rebounds this season.

This is merely the latest news linking Simmons to a potential trade. The Timberwolves reportedly want the 24-year-old "badly," and with news coming out that another All-Star would have to involved in the deal in order to make it palatable, D'Angelo Russell would likely be the lynchpin. Simmons' max contract currently slates him to be worth 28% of a team's cap.

It's also been reported that up to 12 teams will be interested in making a deal for Simmons. However, that number could be subject to change in light of Philadelphia repudiating any offers devoid of an All-Star player. 

Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports