Report: A Split Develops Within Pistons Organization Over Future of Jerami Grant


Jerami Grant has remained one of the hottest names at this year's trade deadline. Up till now, Grant and the Pistons have been on the same page over the trade talks, but according to a new report, the decision on whether or not to trade him has become a contentious point within the front office. 

According to NBA insider Marc Stein, "Some rival clubs are now describing what amounts to a split within the organization about keeping or trading Grant."

It's known that Grant and Pistons general manager Troy Weaver are close, and that Weaver might not be so keen on trading him, while asking for a huge haul in return for Grant. 

On the other hand, says Stein, Pistons' vice-chairman Arn Tellem is "said to be open to an immediate trade." 

Grant has made it clear all along that he's only interested in going somewhere where he'll be the featured option on offense. In addition, he'll be asking for a $117M extension in the offseason. 

With all that in mind, Grant has even submitted a list of teams he'd consider going to, if a trade can be facilitated. 

First things first, however, as it looks like the Pistons have to agree amongst themselves, before they can work something out with another team. 

Photo Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports