NBA Rumors: Only ONE Player "Untouchable" On New York Knicks

The struggling New York Knicks have been mentioned in several trade rumors; players they want to bring in, players they want to ship out. It's still difficult to make sense of it at this point. Except for one thing: 

NBA Front Office Insider, ESPN's Bobby Marks, had this to say on NBA Today: "I would say that the lone untouchable is RJ Barrett." 

Yes, this means that Julius Randle, and everyone else on the Knicks roster, is fair game up to Thursday's trade deadline at 3pm ET. Randle's 4-year, $106M extension doesn't even kick in until next year, and he's been having dust-ups with just about everyone in town. 

Knicks Trade Assets

Marks points out that the Knicks have many other trade assets however, including 8 future 1st-rounders, and six players on the roster earning between $9M-$22M. 

Kemba Walker and Evan Fournier have been mentioned as most readily available, while Alec Burks' name  has come up as well. Mitchell Robinson is rumored to be coveted by one team, but it's not clear if the Knicks would want to move on from him. 

ESPN's Zach Lowe added that to get off some the aforementioned contracts, they would probably have to attach some draft picks, pointing specifically to the 4-year, $78M Fournier contract. 

As for who they could bring in, "Dennis Schröder remains attainable, according to sources," writes Fred Katz of The Athletic. They've also been recently connected to Toronto Raptors' estranged point guard Goran Dragic. 

The deadline is 3pm ET Thursday.  

Photo Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports