"A Lot Of Skepticism and Concern" About Doncic's Status For First Round

The Dallas Mavericks' playoff hopes are hanging by the thread of Luka Doncic's calf. Will he or won't he be able to play in the Mavs' first-round matchup with the Utah Jazz? According to NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski, "there's a lot of skepticism in Dallas right now that Luka Doncic would be ready for Game 1 (on Saturday). 

"I'm told this is more than just a mild calf strain," said Woj. "The Mavericks are very much preparing for the possibility of not only having him in Game 1, but maybe in Game 2 on Monday."

He added that the calf injury is serious enough that "if this was the regular season, you wouldn’t even be talking about him possibly playing this weekend."

This is certainly the type of injury that you can make worse by coming back too soon. When the injury first occurred during the regular season's final game, sports injury expert Dr. Brian Sutterer suggested that Doncic could miss "significant time." 

At the end of the day, Wojnarowski suggests, "you can expect (a decision) to go right down to the wire on this."