Timberwolves Patrick Beverley Fined $30G For "Egregious Use Of Profanity"

Minnesota Timberwolves guard Patrick Beverley was, shall we say, pretty demonstrative in his postgame comments after his current team beat his former team, the Los Angeles Clippers, in the Play-In Game, to advance into the playoffs. 

Turns out, the NBA wasn't a big fan of Beverley's remarks, and has fined him $30,000 for, among other things, an "egregious use of profanity."

On the podium, Beverley said beating the Clippers was everything to him. "To be able to come here and beat they ass?... Icing on the cake, the cherry on top... It's a long flight to LA, take y'all ass home!" 

But it was Beverley's postgame rant/celebration in the locker room, posted on social media, that really triggered the NBA's ire. It follows here, but be forewarned that it is NSFW, and using a headset is recommended!

"We going to the m*****f****n' playoffs... Clippers.. We beat their m*****f****n' ass. F*** outta here!" 

Players from around the league reacted accordingly... 

The guess here is that letting out all that emotion was worth the $30Gs for PatBev.