NBA Rumors: LeBron James "Rooting Hard" For Kyrie Irving Trade

They were teammates once before, with LeBron James experiencing the highs and lows that only playing with Kyrie Irving can bring. LeBron and Kyrie won a championship together in Cleveland, and then Irving turned on him, demanding a trade.

But that hasn't stopped James from "rooting hard" for the Los Angeles Lakers to complete a rumored trade with the Brooklyn Nets to bring Kyrie to LA. 

That, according to NBA Insider Marc Stein on Sunday, in his description of what's fueling the Lakers/Nets talks. He says that there is a "widespread expectation that Irving is destined to end up with the Lakers."

It stems from repeated rumbles in circulation that LeBron James is rooting hard for Irving's addition to the roster. James, I’m told, wants to see Irving in Lakerland more than anyone. What other team, furthermore, has a LeBron-sized personality with the experience to cope with all the chaos that comes with adding Kyrie?

The Lakers, of course, as Stein points out, have a number of reasons to pursue this Russell Westbrook for Kyrie Irving trade. Irving's cap hit is about $10M lower, and it enables them to move on from the failed Westbrook Experiment.

Photo Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports