NBA Rumors: Top 3 Free Agent Power Forwards Still Available

With the signing of Montrezl Harrell by the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday, the power forward ranks in the remaining free agent market have dwindled. It's still littered by several multi-time All-Stars... Unfortunately, all of those All-Star years took place in the previous decade—many of them, in fact, much earlier in the decade.  

Before we continue, it's worth mentioning that the one notable absence here is Miles Bridges, who ordinarily would easily top this list. However, his very serious legal troubles have essentially put his (restricted) free agency—and his career—on hold for the time being.  

LaMarcus Aldridge

A 7-time All-Star and 5-time All-NBA selection, the 37-year-old Aldridge actually retired in April of 2021 due to health concerns arising from an irregular heartbeat. But he did receive medical clearance to return to the court before the 2021-22 season, and he had a fine campaign off the bench for the Brooklyn Nets.

With 16 years under his belt, Aldridge did have to deal with injuries at times last season, playing only 47 games. But when he did hit the court, he  averaged 12.9 points, 5.5 rebounds and shot 55.0% from the floor. He can still knock it down from mid-range with the best of them.

Carmelo Anthony

A ten-time All-Star, the 38-year-old hasn't been selected to the Mid-Season party since 2017. He's no longer the superstar that he was in his prime, but by making a transition to a role player, he's been able to extend his career, offering long-distance firepower off the bench. He's averaged 38% from beyond the arc over the last three seasons. There's been some talk lately about two teams with some interest in signing him

Blake Griffin

Griffin is only 33, but his high-flying days are long gone thanks to a multitude of injuries. He was a regular All-Star with the Los Angeles Clippers a full decade ago, but he's now settled into a role as a bench player, able to play somewhere in the neighborhood of 20-25 minutes per game, and still able to put the ball in the basket a bit. 

Unfortunately, he fell out of favor with Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash, and won't be returning to the Nets. 

Photos: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports