Spencer Dinwiddie Claims Referee Tony Brothers Called Him a B***h A** Mother F***er

Referees often make, what players see, as questionable calls that at times decide games. Recently it looks like referees are also shown to speak about players during the game. As fans, we do not usually get insight as to what the conversations sound like. Apparently, in a Mavericks game last night, Spencer Dinwiddie claimed that veteran referee, Tony Brothers, called him a "b***h a** mother f***er."

The alleged incident happened near the end of the second quarter in the Raptors versus Mavericks game. Dinwiddie committed a foul that he felt shouldn't have been called and turned to Brothers in frustration. The 28-year ref did not appreciate how he reacted so he gave him a technical. That is usually the case and happens quite often in the NBA. However, Dinwiddie was later informed by teammates that Brothers made obscene comments towards him.
Subsequently, in a post-game conference, Dinwiddie addressed what happened. He explains that he acted out of anger and can understand why he got the technical. But, he did not expect what was later told to him. He then made sure to mention that he would like his "money back" and not get fined for his "monologue".

A similar incident happened a few games back where Chris Paul also had a run-in with a referee in his game. For it to be happening this early in the season, it is no telling how many of these referee-player interactions will continue.

Dinwiddie and the Mavericks would win the game, but the focal point became the conversation afterward. Dallas is on a three-game winning streak and will face Kevin Durant and the Nets on Monday night. Let's hope nothing comes out of that game. 

Photo Credit Tom Fox