NBA Rumors: 3 Potential Landing Spots for Trade Candidate Lauri Markkanen

Lauri Markkanen exploded into a prime-time player last season with the Utah Jazz, averaging 25.6 points, and has followed that up this year at 23.3 PPG while once again shooting 38% from long range. But trade speculation has swirled around him as Danny Ainge (aka Trader Danny) is always up for a big trade as he rebuilds the Utah Jazz, and there are certainly some teams that could offer up a nice package for Markkanen.

He'd like to stay in Utah, but here are the top 3 potential trade partners who could make an offer that Ainge can't refuse. 

Oklahoma City Thunder

Are the Thunder ready to be a top Western Conference team right now? Certainly looks like it, as they have a Top 5 MVP talent in Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, and a really nice supporting cast that has them currently in the No. 2 seed in the West.

With 15 first-round picks (15!) in the coming years, plus other young player assets, the Thunder could definitely pull the trigger and make a big move like landing a scorer like Markkanen to make them a seriously scary team come playoff time.

Sacramento Kings

The Kings, like the Thunder, believe they are one big player away from serious contention. A scorer to take the heat off De'Aaron Fox and spread the floor around him at the level that Markkanen does, could be huge for the Kings, who stepped up to playoff contender last season and are tied for the 4th seed in the West this season.

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks are certainly in the market for a forward upgrade, as their constant connection to a Pascal Siakam trade would indicate. They're another team that's said to have "strong" interest in Markkanen, and a couple of good young assets to offer.

Photo: Rob Gray-USA TODAY Sports